Escape Room


A wide bed, illustrated sheets, a shoes closet, Yellow shoes, red, pink, sandals, leather shoes, canvas shoes, boots ... jewelry closet. Plastic beads, glass beads, necklaces, earrings, pearls, diamonds ... coat racks. A pink doll. Sofa, window, mirror. My room is full of goodness, the space is oevrload, seems as it would burst in a moment. The product of the culture of plenty- an extreme excess, too much of everything, one may easily be lost in the dazzling abundance, distracting, arousing senses. 
In the photographic installation "Escape Room" I reconstruct the memory of my private rooms, a space that exists in the range between reality and fantasy, documentary and fiction, both inviting and threatening. Gaston Besler argues that after many years in which we live in a certain space, the memory of space is embedded in us, there is no need to look in order to find our way in space. Is this the point when the space becomes ours? But the memory is deceptive, reproducing the room according to our memory diverts the space from its familiarity and transforms it into an unheimlich.
In this installation I break the gaze into the details of memories. and make up an escape room with an act that raises the questions: What is the meaning of the escape room? A refuge to escape from? Or perhaps a place from which to escape?



©2019 by Vered Rosen