Ho the places you'll go...

2018 - 2019

The images in the series, "Oh the places you'll go!" (2018) are based on my personal photo album, places I was in, and experiences I myself underwent; an enormous, disfigured archive which I used to create different spaces and situations. The title of the series was borrowed from that of a book by Dr. Seuss that is related to my childhood memories, and which simultaneously carries a promise and a threat.  The atmosphere is optimistic and surreal, yet the memory-based spaces are dysfunctional and drained of content. This series of works is based on diptychs whose round shape breaks the conventions of the panoramic view, creating distorted, stereoscopic images. Although there is no identity or symmetry between their two sides, they nevertheless echo and affect each other, giving rise to an alternative reading of the reality.



©2019 by Vered Rosen