Vered Rosen
Artist Manifesto

Be smart, be beautiful, be strong yet gentle, be independent yet dependent, be a good wife, good mother, good daughter, good friend, be good…
Being a woman these days is not an easy. In my works I explore the thin line between the inner self and the outer world, the border between childhood and the mature life, between innocence and sexual.
Life and creation from my point of view are perceived as a kind of circus or amusement park; my childhood and adolescence memories are instrumental for an infinite ground for creation.

Creativity enables me to emerge as an independent entity, taking care of myself, regardless of no one. My visual perception was formed throughout my years studying and working as an architect, and the effect of these years is visible in various aspects such as design perception and in-depth understanding of proportions, materials, space and color. I have been a photographer since childhood, and dealing with photographs enables me to construct an archive of experiences, to be built with selected memories for the confrontation with the fear of death. The camera becomes a recording instrument for me. The daily scenery is crystalized into my pieces, repeat themselves like a kaleidoscope reflecting colors, smells, landscapes, etc. through which memories are established.
In my work I move between photography, painting and the tridimensional, while conscientiously choosing a wide variety of materials and various kinds of expressions. However, despite the great selection of expressions, all the pieces show the same thematic and aesthetic characterizing them and binding them together.
I invite you to discover my world at my gallery in TLV.

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Vered Rosen was born in 1973 in Israel. After completing her service in the Israeli Air Force in 1993, she studied architecture between 1994-1996 at the University of La Sapienza in Rome and completed her studies in architecture at Tel Aviv University in 2001. Between the years 2002-2005, she studied painting and drawing at Studio Art School, and in 2011 she studied photography at Creative Land School of Photography.

Vered RosenSince 2010, Vered participated in a number of group exhibitions held in Tel Aviv, Israel, with an emphasis on exhibitions with social values, including the series of annual exhibitions of the Art Association for Aids Task Force 2012-2017, and an exhibition dedicated for children with ADHD in 2016.

Vered held her first solo exhibition in 2015, and two more solo exhibitions in 2016 and 2017. All were presented in alternative – non-commercial spaces, as a part of the agenda of breaking the barrier between the artworks and the common viewers. The three exhibitions can be characterized by a common theme of investigating the relationship between reality and dreams, the conscious and the unconscious. A main element in Verde’s art work involve the use of digitally manipulated photographs and the combination of printed photographs together with Neon lighting in a way which emphasize the inherent light source of the image.

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